It doesn’t get any more individual: thanks to an interchangeable insert, your motif can be directly incorporated into products as 3D motif. This way, the advertising message is inseparable from the product – it cannot be worn or washed of. Looks great and feels great. Lunchboxes, insulated cups, spoons and snack boards are already equipped with the newest molding technology and are waiting anxiously new designs. Text, logo or picture motifs – almost everything is possible.

Discover our products with individual 3D interchangeable insert.


Freshness Lid
Unlock the power of on-pack promotions with the ultimate game changer. Introducing the FRESH lid, designed to securely reseal yogurt and similar containers, extending their freshness and reducing unnecessary waste. This revolutionary item not only captivates with its irresistible appeal but also makes a resounding sustainable statement. Prepare to make a lasting impression and embrace a greener future.
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Lunch Box
These lunch boxes become a unique advertising medium with a haptic 3D logo that even the dishwasher can’t harm. These spacious containers accommodate sandwiches, fruit, and snacks with ease. Plus, as a bonus, you have the option to include a removable icepack, ensuring meals stay refreshingly delicious for longer.
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Happy Spoon

For the hip slow food enthusiasts, this sleek spoon is an absolute must-have. It’s the perfect accessory to elevate any take-away meal to new heights of style. The small spoons are particularly ideal for showcasing artistic motifs, adding a touch of personality. And if you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and indulge in a vibrant and unique customized color.
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Happy Board

The legendary breakfast boards not only serve as the perfect canvas for texts, but they can also effortlessly incorporate captivating visual designs as well. You’ll find yourself needing more than just one! The boards are made of extra sturdy material with a blade-friendly textured surface and are as always, dishwasher-safe.
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