Custom-made products

You only get happy customers with ideas that are not available from standard suppliers. We have the know-how, the people and the tools to turn your idea into a successful product. Collaborate with our team to create a unique advertising strategy that will stand the test of time, serving as your trusted companion throughout your journey.

3D Customization

It doesn’t get any more individual: thanks to an interchangeable insert, your motif can be directly incorporated into products as 3D motif. This way, the advertising message is inseparable from the product – it cannot be worn or washed of. Looks great and feels great. Lunchboxes, insulated cups, spoons and snack boards are already equipped with the newest molding technology and are waiting anxiously new designs. Text, logo or picture motifs – almost everything is possible.


Custom imprints can transform any product into a truly personal gift. We offer up to four colors using tampon or screen printing.

Screen printing
The screen printing technique can be used to print on larger surfaces that are either flat or cylindrical. In some cases, depending on the product, only single-color printing is possible. Prices on request.

Pad printing
Using this fast and economical process, logos of up to four colors can be printed on uneven surfaces. Depending on the material properties, a distinction is made between normal printing and special printing. Normal printing is done directly on the product. With special printing, the products are gently pre-treated according to their specific material properties.

Luxury Full-Surface Printing

With this high-tech printing process, cylindrical and conical shapes can be printed over their entire surface in high-quality. This technique impresses with its high color brilliance and pleasant feel.


With in-mold labeling technology, we bring high-resolution images and graphics permanently onto your product. In this method, a printed film is applied to the product during injection molding. You can choose from a range of materials, print colors and finishes. The process is environmentally friendly as the film and product are made of the same material and can be fully recycled.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the perfect way to customize our products starting at just one piece. Products can be engraved with logos, emblems, and names.


To ensure that everything is perfect, we create the look that ties it all together. koziol can customize any standard packaging solution. Our packaging and graphic experts will be happy to help you to develop your own specialized concept.


You need a campaign, but you don’t have the right idea yet? Then it’s worth coming to us at our company headquarters in the Odenwald forest. With our team of experts, we’ll identify your needs and work together in a one-day workshop to develop products for your customers that the world has never seen before. And of course, you get the positive koziol brand values on top. In-house production enables the highest product quality and safety, as well as maximum flexibility and the realization of even tight schedules. Of course, we’ll take care of the necessary certifications for you, and our perfect logistics will get everything to its destination on time.


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